Thousands at pro-Palestinian march in Istanbul

(21 Apr 2024)

Istanbul – 21 April 2024
1. Wide of protesters holding a Palestinian flag and chanting; UPSOUND (Arabic) "God is great" in Beyazit square
2. Mid of protesters chanting and waving Palestinian flag
3. Mid of protester chanting; UPSOUND (Turkish) "Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine."
4. Mid of protesters from international NGOs holding a Malaysian flag and chanting, UPSOUND (English) "The people, united, will never be defeated"
5. Various of protesters chanting; UPSOUND (English) "Free, free Palestine."
6. Mid of protesters chanting, UPSOUND (English) "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."
7. Close of banner reading (Turkish) "Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine" as protesters chant UPSOUND (English) "What do we want? Cease-fire. When do we want it? Now."
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Ann Wright, activist and retired U.S Army Colonel:
"We are here in downtown Istanbul to be a part of a large, large march for Gaza today. We are part of the international coalition to sail boats to Gaza, the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. We are proud to be here with 250 internationals that’s sailing in three boats to Gaza, to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, to help stop the genocide in Gaza. And bring food to the starving people of Gaza."
9. Various of protesters marching
10. SOUNDBITE (Turkish) Irem Gungor, university student:
"We are here today to be the voice of the Palestinian people. I think Palestine is not just a Muslim problem. (It’s not a) Jewish, Christian or Muslim problem, but a humanitarian problem. We are here today to be the voice of Palestine. We are here (against the) genocide committed in Palestine."
11. Tracking shot of protesters from international NGOs, holding a sign reading (English) "Cease-fire now"
12. Mid of protesters chanting and marching
13. Tracking of protesters chanting; UPSOUND (Spanish) "Long live Palestine."
14. Various of protesters booing a Starbucks coffee shop
15. Mid of protesters marching
16. Mid of banner reading (English) "Open the Rafah border crossing for humanity, stop the starving!"
17. Wide of protesters in front of Hagia Sophia, holding Turkish and Palestinian flags
18. SOUNDBITE (English) Dan Kovalik, lawyer and human rights activist:
"If Israel interferes with this boat, if it touches a hair on the head of these passengers, it will be committing a war crime.”
19. Mid of protesters waving a Palestinian flag and chanting, UPSOUND (Turkish) "A salute to Gaza, keep on the resistance."
20. SOUNDBITE (English) Dan Kovalik, lawyer and human rights activist:
"But let me tell you that we have an army of lawyers from all over the world ready to defend this flotilla, ready to defend its passengers and ready to defend the aid that is needed for Gaza.”
21. Various of protesters waving Palestinian flags
22. Various of Hagia Sophia mosque
Thousands of pro-Palestinian supporters marched through the streets of central Istanbul on Sunday to demand Israel to stop the war in Gaza Strip.

Protesters chanted pro-Palestinians slogans and called for an immediate cease-fire.

The demonstration was meant to generate support for the Freedom Flotilla Coalition which will attempt to break through Israel’s blockade on the Palestinian territory.

A coalition of international organizations are preparing to set sail with multiple ships towards Gaza.

The exact launch date remains unclear, but preparations are underway to get ready for imminent departure.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition organized two previous flotillas, in 2010 and in 2011.

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