In brief remarks ahead of trial, Trump urges Pennsylvanians to vote

(23 Apr 2024)

New York – 23 April 2024
1. SOUNDBITE (English) Donald Trump, Former President of the United States:
"Thank you very much. It’s a big day in Pennsylvania, and we hope the people get out there and vote. It’s important to vote to let them know that we’re coming on November 5th. We’re coming big. Today is in the preliminary, but still it’s very important. And maybe they’ll think also about a very good person who’s running for the Senate in Pennsylvania Dave, McCormack. And he’s doing a good job. He’s working very hard. Successful man wants put his success for the country. Very good senator. So hopefully they’ll be behind David, get out there and vote today."
2.SOUNDBITE (English) Donald Trump, Former President of the United States:
"What’s going on at the college level and with colleges Columbia, NYU and others is a disgrace. And it’s a it’s really to date. He has the wrong signal. He’s got the wrong tone. It’s got the wrong word. And it’s a mess."
3. SOUNDBITE (English) Donald Trump, Former President of the United States:
"What’s going on is a disgrace to our country, and it’s all Bidens fault and everybody knows that. He’s got no message, he’s got no compassion and doesn’t know what he’s doing. He can’t put two sentences together, frankly. He is the worst president in the history of our country."
Donald Trump has arrived at a New York courthouse as the National Enquirer’s former publisher is expected to return to the stand in Trump’s historic hush money trial, the first-ever criminal trial against a former U.S. president.

Trump, entering the courthouse in a ruby red tie, encouraged Republicans to vote in Pennsylvania’s Tuesday primary and criticized Joe Biden for the pro-Palestinian protests at local college campuses.

The former president did not address the case at all in his brief remarks.


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