Northwestern students set up pro-Palestinian encampment as university changes protest policy

(26 Apr 2024)

Evanston, Illinois – 26 April 2024
1. Various of protesters & signs
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Asya Baig, protest supporter:
"We could not just sit here and not doing anything, not support and not help in any way that we can for the genocide that’s happening in Palestine with the Palestinian people. This has happened before to the Jews in the Holocaust and we are watching history repeat itself and we cannot just sit here and watch it repeat itself."
4. Various of tents in Deering Meadow on the Northwestern campus
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Asya Baig, protest supporter:
"I don’t feel that this is anti-Semitic. I feel that we are fighting for people’s lives, for them to have food, shelter, water, security, safety. Everyone deserves that."
6. Close of ‘Jews against genocide’ sign held by Keith Larson, a Jewish man who supports the student protesters.
7. SOUNDBITE (English) Keith Larson, protest supporter:
"We’re seeing another genocide. There are many genocides that have happened since the Holocaust, and they all need attention. And this one in particular is being done with the false premise of protecting Jews. But this doesn’t make me safe. This doesn’t make any Jewish person safe."
8. Close of sign saying ‘7th graders 4 Palestine’
9. SOUNDBITE (English) Keith Larson, protest supporter:
"We give a lot of money as a country through tax dollars and corporations, so I think we need to divest and put our tax dollars towards things that will actually help people rather than just killing a bunch of innocent people."
10. Mid of protest signs hanging on campus fence
Student protests over the Israel-Hamas war have popped up on an increasing number of U.S. college campuses following last week’s arrest of more than 100 demonstrators at Columbia University.

No arrests have been reported on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, but students have set up a tent encampment in the middle of campus.

Dozens participated as University President Michael Schill issued an email saying the university had enacted an “interim addendum” to its student code to bar tents, among other things, and warned of disciplinary actions including suspension, expulsion and criminal charges.

The students are calling for universities to separate themselves from any companies that are advancing Israel’s military efforts in Gaza — and in some cases from Israel itself. Protests on many campuses have been orchestrated by coalitions of student groups.

The groups largely act independently, though students say they’re inspired by peers at other universities.

AP video shot by Teresa Crawford


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