Paramedic and telecommunications technician killed in Israeli strike in southern Lebanon

(10 May 2024)

Sidon, Lebanon – 10 May 2024
1. Various of ambulance arriving
2. Various of ambulance and crowd of people chanting (Arabic) “God is great.”
3. Wrapped body being carried out of ambulance and held aloft
4. Wrapped body being carried towards doors
An Israeli drone strike on a southern Lebanese village killed a paramedic and an employee for a telecommunications company Friday as military activities increased along the frontier over the past days.

State-run National News reported that the paramedic and the technician for a local cellular company were killed in the drone strike on Teir Harafa, about 3 kilometers (2 miles) from the border with Israel.

The Islamic Risala Scout Association paramedic group said its member, Ghaleb Hussein al-Haj, was killed while performing his duties in south Lebanon.

The strike came a day after a similar attack on a car in a southern Lebanese village killed four members of the militant Hezbollah group.

Hezbollah started attacking Israeli army posts along the Lebanon-Israel border a day after the Israel-Hamas war broke out on Oct. 7.

Since then, more than 350 people have been killed in Lebanon, including 275 Hezbollah members and more than 70 civilians and non-combatants.

In Israel, 15 soldiers and 10 civilians have been killed.

Foreign officials have been visiting Lebanon over the past month in attempts to bring calm to the border, but Hezbollah has repeatedly said it will not stop fighting until there is a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

AP video shot by Mohammed Zinaty


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